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Wisdom of Crowds

Dec 2, 2021

What was it like to live through the fall of Kabul? How should we think about the American withdrawal from Afghanistan? And with famine enveloping the country amid an unprecedentedly severe state collapse, how should we approach—and deal with—the ruling Taliban authorities?

This week we are joined by Dr. Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili and Dr. Omar Sadr, both of the newly-launched Afghanistan Project at the University of Pittsburgh's Center for Governance and Markets, to talk about what lies ahead for the long-suffering Afghan people.


Recommended Reading:

"Afghanistan: a Vicious Cycle of State Failure" by Jennifer Brick Murtazashvili

The Afghanistan Project - Center for Governance and Markets, University of Pittsburg

"Afghans at risk of near-universal poverty, UN report warns" by Peter Beaumont (The Guardian)

"In Afghanistan, the threat of widespread famine looms as drought and hunger continues" by All Things Considered (NPR)