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Wisdom of Crowds

Dec 29, 2021

It used to be called "political correctness." It had its heyday in the 1990s, then it went underground. While we weren't paying attention, an entire architecture of speech restrictions was being built on campuses across the country. Greg Lukianoff, CEO of FIRE and co-author of the bestselling The Coddling of the...

Dec 19, 2021

This week we were joined by Sam Adler-Bell, cohost of the Know Your Enemy podcast. We examined the New Right, their earnestly held belief that liberals have already won the battle for the soul of the country, and America's crisis of legitimacy. Is it even worth trying to bridge the gap between left and right on...

Dec 10, 2021

Power corrupts, sure, but is there any way to avoid its temptations? As Shadi wraps up writing his book, the guys discuss democracy, Succession, how to be happy, having kids during climate change, and Putin’s essay on Ukraine.

Required Reading:

Dec 2, 2021

What was it like to live through the fall of Kabul? How should we think about the American withdrawal from Afghanistan? And with famine enveloping the country amid an unprecedentedly severe state collapse, how should we approach—and deal with—the ruling Taliban authorities?

This week we are joined by Dr. Jennifer...

Nov 26, 2021

In this episode, Shadi and Damir analyze the Rittenhouse verdict and question how the media's framing shaped people's initial reactions. The conversation turns to the state of American democracy. Damir questions whether he has been too glib about the recent moves made by the Republican Party. Is our...