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Wisdom of Crowds

Apr 14, 2023

With the world feeling increasingly unstable, Damir and Shadi turn to foreign policy. Can the United States can back its bluster abroad, including in defense of Taiwan?

All of this is happening as Donald Trump re-enters the national spotlight. The guys contrast the former president's manic approach to deterrence with the current and preceding administrations. Shadi is comforted the White House is staffed by vaguely smart and competent people, but thinks there may be something to Trump's saber-rattling.

Finally, Damir challenges Shadi on Biden's "democracy versus autocracy" approach to foreign policy. How do we understand Brazil's democratically elected president willingly embracing China?

Required Reading:

  • Tucker Carlson interview with Donald Trump.
  • China After Mao: The Rise of a Superpower, by Frank Dikotter (Amazon).
  • "Blinken: I press Saudis on LGBTQI issues ‘in every conversation’" (Politico).
  • "The West hoped Lula would be a partner. He’s got his own plans" (WaPo).