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Wisdom of Crowds

Jan 28, 2021

Shadi regrets not investing in GameStop. Damir thinks that once you say democracy must be saved from the masses, protecting Wall Street from the retail-investing crowds is the next logical step. Finally, does Shadi still consider himself a progressive?

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The Tolerance Dilemma

Joker and Our Leaderless...

Jan 21, 2021

Hours into the Biden administration, Shadi and Damir sit down with author Bruno Maçães to talk about Trump, January 6, the future of world order, and the sources of American exceptionalism.

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Jan 14, 2021

Is 1/6 our new 9/11? Are we in danger of making decisions in the heat of the moment that we will come to regret? Is the United States splitting apart fatally? And what will there after COVID be like?

Megan McArdle, the person most responsible for the invention of Wisdom of Crowds, joins Shadi and Damir to chew over...

Jan 9, 2021

Ben Judah joins Shadi and Damir for a first attempt at digesting what happened this week in Washington. Was it a coup attempt? Are we at a moment of catharsis where the country can start to rebuild? Or are we in for even more darkness?

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